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Dr. Scott Garner is the founder, CEO, and president of the ministry. He was reared in Ft Worth, Texas by godly parents who faithfully served in church. Scott’s life always revolved around church. He knew he was called to the full-time ministry by the age of 16. Scott was ordained in November 1975.  He graduated from Texas A & M University-Commerce with the Business and Sociology Degree, and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity Degree. He holds a Doctorate in Scriptural Psychology with an emphasis in Research and Development, and a Ph.D. in Scriptural Psychology from Faith Bible College. He is board certified in counseling, and a Doctoral Diplomat with The American Society of Christian Therapists. He is the founder, CEO, and president of Glory Awakening, Ministries, and Maps 2 Destiny.  These ministries are all about Habakkuk 2:14 New King James Version (NKJV)14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Every person needs to experience the tangible manifested presence of God, and have the opportunity to receive Him as their own personal Lord and Savior. Dr. Garner has written a tool called Maps2destiny that helps equip Christians to fulfill their destinies by helping them discover who they were “created to be.”  It helps Christians know who they are in Christ, get free from their past/flesh, walk in the Spirit, and thus live out the fulfilled, abundant, fruitful life that is God’s destiny for them.

Gloria Garner is the vice-president and secretary/treasurer of the ministries.  She holds a Bachelors of Psychology from Bethel College, a Masters of Christian Counseling from Faith Bible College, and one year from River Bible Institute.  Mrs. Garner has an emphasis in evangelism as well as teaching Christians to draw close to God in intimate fellowship.  Gloria has a powerful testimony after facing a life threatening brain tumor. She titles her testimony: “Don’t just be a ‘survivor’!  Live through.  Pray through.  Overcome!” Gloria’s best known for Power Evangelism Training. She gained practical experience on the streets of cities across America on The Great Awakening Tour with Revival Ministries Int’l (see: revival.com) from July 1999 – September 2013 (14 years 3 months). They would go into cities working with the local churches to train them with the tools that have proven to be extremely effective for winning the lost. Evening revival meetings would be held where people would get filled with the fire of God and zeal to reach the lost. Then in the mornings they would have classes training them on Power Evangelism. They would take teams out and use a powerful soul winning tool called “The Soul Winning Script” to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ one-on-one: on the streets, door-to-door, in parking lots of busy shopping establishments, in gas stations, at bus stops, in nursing homes, in hospitals, in jails… anywhere! Once people have experienced how awesome it is to lead people to the Lord, they are encouraged to continue to witness as a life-style, because people are hungry and ready! The cry of Gloria’s heart is: Truly the harvest is ripe! We must ALL be laborers bringing in the precious souls!!!


In 1982 the original non-profit organization was named, Scott Garner Discipleship Association. Scott’s heart has always been to see every Christian grow strong in their faith, and relationship with Christ. The heart beat and mission of the ministry is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11-13) by sharing the “HOW TO’S” of living the victorious Christian life. One emphasis is actually teaching “HOW TO” crucify the flesh, be healed and set free from strongholds and negative patterns, in order to consistently walk in the Spirit. The ministry goal is multifunctional because, in addition to helping Christians find their fulfillment in their individual destinies, we are also a resource to help them establish their calling and ministry, to win the lost, and to see God’s glory and power cover the earth. Our ministry is a unique resource to release the power and anointing of God to move individuals into their calling and destiny. We are ‘revival coaches’ to equip the church to ‘win in life’.

Maps2destiny or M.A.P.S. (Ministry Anointing Plan and Strategy) is a tool that was developed to give each individual a map to help accomplish his or her unique God ordained mission in life. The Lord has progressively given Dr. Garner incredible revelation as he worked with ministries and individuals. He began to record this wisdom as he watched it change people’s lives. It has been in the works since 1975, and it was first copyrighted in 1994. It has been used for church-wide seminars/revivals, leadership training, individual, marriage/pre-marriage, or family counseling, training for evangelism, discipleship, and even staffing large corporations. Over the years as the M.A.P.S. wisdom was diligently applied either individually or as a ministry, it is awe inspiring to hear the testimonies of total transformation, freedom, fruitfulness, fulfillment, and victory.

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