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Soul Winning Training Classes at:

FirePoint Church

153 E Hwy CC

Nixa, Mo

We will accept invitations

Please contact us on our Facebook page:

to have a team come to your ministry to conduct a Soul Winning Training Class.

We will teach your church how to use the powerful soul winning tools

that have proven to be very successful in leading millions through the prayer of salvation.

We will stir up a passion for souls, impart boldness and anointing, then take you out and give you practical experience!

Gloria’s best known for Power Evangelism Training. She gained practical experience on the streets of cities across America on The Great Awakening Tour with Revival Ministries Int’l (see: from July 1999 – September 2013 (14 years 3 months). They would go into cities working with the local churches to train them with the tools that have proven to be extremely effective for winning the lost. Evening revival meetings would be held where people would get filled with the fire of God and zeal to reach the lost. Then in the mornings they would have classes training them on Power Evangelism. They would take teams out and use a powerful soul winning tool called “The Soul Winning Script” to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ one-on-one: on the streets, door-to-door, in parking lots of busy shopping establishments, in gas stations, at bus stops, in nursing homes, in hospitals, in jails… anywhere! Once people have experienced how awesome it is to lead people to the Lord, they are encouraged to continue to witness as a life-style, because people are hungry and ready! The cry of Gloria’s heart is: Truly the harvest is ripe! We must ALL be laborers bringing in the precious souls!!!

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