Soul-Winning Phone Book Script

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Hello, may I speak with NAME (If not home, continue with person that you are speaking with).


Hi, NAME, this is (your name) with ________ church. How are you doing today? The reason

for my call is to see if you or your family have any prayer requests that we could pray for…maybe for a job, or pay raise, health, kids, relatives?


Okay, it will be our privilege to pray with you, Name, I have some good news for you. Please know that God loves you and He has a good plan for your life.


I have a real quick but important question to ask you. If you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would go to Heaven? [If they don’t know, or say “No’ or ‘That’s personal’ PROCEED WITH SCRIPT. If they say ‘Yes’, say ‘That’s great, why would you say ‘Yes’? (If they respond with anything but “Because I have Jesus in my heart” PROCEED WITH SCRIPT) [Do not argue; stick to the script; be brief.]


Let me quickly share with you what the Holy Bible says. It says “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” And “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The Bible also reads, “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. And you’re a ‘whosoever’ right? Of course you are—we all are.


I’m going to say a quick prayer for you. Lord, bless NAME and his/her family with long and healthy lives. I ask You to wrap Your loving arms around him/her right now. Do a quick work is his/her heart. Make Yourself so real to him/her and if NAME has not received Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior, I pray that he/she will do so now.


NAME, if you would like to receive the gift that God has for you today, say this after me with your heart and lips out loud.


Say, Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart; be my Lord and Savior. Forgive me of all my sin. Set me free. Jesus, thank You that You died for me. I believe that You are risen from the dead so I can have eternal life. Come and be my personal Lord and Savior. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Give me a passion for the lost, a hunger for the things of God and boldness to share Jesus with others. I’m saved; I’m born-again; I’m forgiven and I’m on my way to Heaven because I have Jesus in my heart.


NAME, I want you to know that when you prayed that prayer God heard you! All of your sins are forgiven. You can write on your calendar, I got saved!” today! Always remember to run TO God and never run from God because He loves you and has a great plan for your life.




I would really love to introduce you to my pastors and friends here at ______ church. Our service time is at ____ AM on Sunday morning with Pastor __________________. I want to encourage you to come and to be water baptized. The church is located at _______________________________. The phone number is _____________ Please visit our website at www. _____________________


Fill out “Keep me on your prayer list” form with their info for follow up.

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